Instant Packed Gelatin (National Standard TU U 24.6-00418030-002:2007)

Packed Gelatin

Gelatin is not only a product for cooking splendid delicious meals, but also it is collagen; this is a protein of vital importance:

  • it is a part of analeptic products
  • it elasticizes and strengthens tendons and ligaments
  • it strengthens osseous structures
  • it cares for skin health
  • it has a beneficial effect on  arthrodial cartilage regeneration
  • it strengthens nails and hair structure giving them brilliance

Principle of Solubility:

Dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of hot boiled water (60 – 70º С). Mix thoroughly until fully dissolved; add 2-3 glasses of broth or syrup and cool.

This is the main principle of food gelatin solubility; however, we recommend to follow application directions upon buying.

Gelatin in Household Use:

  1.  Aspic, fruit jelly (including wine- or champagne-based jelly).
  2. Diced meat + spices + close-packed (film, foil) gelatin + heating (boil or bake in the oven. As the result you will receive a perfect natural alternative to sausage, rolled meat etc.).
  3. Grease cold meat cuts with dissolved gelatin, thus it will not wither and keep moist all night long (it would come useful for Christmas holidays).
  4. A very good and simple dessert receipt is to add gelatin to cottage cheese and/or cream, and/or cultured cream with sugar and fruit-flavored additives.
  5. Fruit flowering on the cake covered with juice or wine with gelatin is very simple and lovely cake decoration.
  6. Add dissolved gelatin in mayonnaise sauce for mille feuille salad; it will help you to impregnate the salad, but it will not melt down on a dish and it will look lovely and gently.
  7. Gelatin + powdered sugar + lemon juice = paste for cakes modeling.
  8. Gelatin is often employed as a preservation agent for vegetable marinade sauces; this is an original curd, especially in winter.
  9. Gelatin impregnated cloth keeps the good shape better, often it is used for replica plants production.


Gelatin packed in bundles made of polypropylene + polyethylene 13,5х7 cm


15 g/pack: 200 pcs./box
25 g/pack: 180 pcs./box

Period of Storing:

Food gelatin: 2 years under the date of manufacture.