Areas of Use

Food gelatin

1. Confectionery products

  • Chewy-type confectionery
  • Jelly, mousses, puddings
  • Fruit marmalade
  • Creams and hard sauces for cakes
  • Hard boiling candies, marshmallow
  • Pie fillings
  • Cream-based emulsions
  • Cereal bars

2. Dairy products

  • Ice cream
  • Preparation of cottage cheese and curds
  • Quick-cooking desserts
  • Processed cheese

3. Bakery products

  • Bakery dough additives
  • Dough filling additives
  • Accompaniment

4. Sausages and manufactured meat

  • Canned meat
  • Sausages
  • Tinned products, sauces
  • Liver pastes
  • Ham
  • Fishery products
  • Sulze/Head cheese

5. beverage foods

  • Clarification of juice and wort
  • Wine materials processing from hazes

6. Dietetic food

  • Margarine
  • Cheese
  • Yoghurts
  • Defatted pastes

7 Medical industry and pharmacology

  • Hard and soft gel capsules, suppositories
  • Plasmas-replacing solutions
  • Haemostatic agents production
  • Haemostatic surgical dressings production
  • Substrate for bacterial growth

8 Cosmetology

  • Simulated pearls growing
  • Protein additive for nail hardeners
  • Greaseless creams
  • Cosmetic packs
  • Shampoos, body wash

Technical gelatin

  • Money paper production
  • Copy paper production
  • Statue cast production
  • Match industry
  • Corrosion protection systems
  • Galvanizing
  • Burlap sizing

Valuable Qualities of Gelatin in Technologies

Gelatin has a beneficial effect on blood clotting ability.
On the assumption that collagen is the base of connective tissue and gelatin is a splitted collagen, thus it can be successfully used as an accessory food substance for prevention and treatment of arthropathy. Intake of gelatin-based meals promotes enhancing growth of connective tissues.
It helps to speed up the process of bone union after fractures.
Amino acetic acid of glycocine contenting in gelatin is excellent lifeblood for people. Other amino acids healthily affect on intellectual work capacity and strengthen cardiac muscle.