Bone Glue (National Standard GOST 2067-93)

Granulated bone glue
Flake bone glue
Granulated bone glue to match industry
Bone glue scaly dry building mixes

Bone glue is a protein adhesive of animal origin.

Bone Glue Production
Bone glue is obtained by extraction of gluten from defatted cattle bone.

Types of Bone Glue:

  • granulated glue
  • flake glue
  • crushed glue
  • glue jelly

Brands of Bone Glue:
According to product properties it subdivides into the following brands: К3,5; К3,0; К2,5; К2,2; К2,0

Physical and Chemical Features:

  • appearance: granules, globules, powdered particles, glue jelly
  • color: from light yellow to dark brown
  • particle size
  • granulated glue: 2-5 mm;
  • flake glue (powder with particle size: 0,2 mm; 0,5 mm).
  • crushed glue: globules with particle size not above 3 mm.
  • moisture content, %, not above:
  • granulated glue: -17;
  • flake glue:           - 8;
  • crushed glue:     -11;
  • glue jelly:           -59.
  • viscosity, degree (Engler), not less: 2,0; 2,2; 2,5; 3,0; 3,5;
  • bond quality, mPa (kgf/cm2 ): 7,5-10 (75-100).
  • common fat weight ratio, %, not above: 3,0 (bone glue for match industry: not above 0,4).
  • anti-decay solution persistency, days, up to 6.
  • foam formation, cm3 , up to 20-50 (for different brands).

Use of Bone Glue:

  • surface bonding in wood-working, paper and furniture trade;
  • bookbindery;
  • printing industry;
  • household use as carpenter’s glue;
  • match industry; glue is included as a compound of incendiary mixture and it is used for adhesion of matchboxes.
  • abrasive goods industry and zinc-coating.
  • blend additive for screed floors, brick glue, filler pastes, premixed plasters and furring additives, for grouting and gypsum blocks production.
  • artificial (molding) marble production.
  • foam agent production.

Principle of Solubility:
Add a weight part of water to a weight part of bone glue, mix and hold at a temperature of 18-24 0С during 2-3 hours for swelling. Heat to 75 0С in water bath until fully dissolved.

Bone glue packed in polypropylene big bags with the following net weight:
- granulated glue: 25 kg
- flake glue:           15 kg
- crushed glue:     25 kg.
Glue jelly packed in polypropylene big bags with polyethylene liner, net weight from 5 to 20 kg.

Period of Storing:
Flake bone glue:                       - 12 months.
Granulated bone glue               - 18 months.
Crushed bone glue:                  - 18 months.
Glue jelly:                                 - 2 months from the day of production.