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Gelatin.Lisichansk Gelatin Plant
Gelatin is a natural biopolymer. As a food additive it has Е441 mark. It is based on collagen. Gelatin consists, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace nutrients and macro-nutrients, vitamin РР and 18 amino acids.
Packed Gelatin
Gelatin is not only a product for cooking splendid delicious meals, but also it is collagen; this is a protein of vital importance.
Enogelatin.Lisichansk Gelatin Plant
Gelatin is a good clarifier for different types of wine prone to browning or slight turbidity that’s complex to eliminate by filtering; all that called by excess of tanning substances.
Granulated bone glue
Bone glue is a protein adhesive of animal origin.
Bone Semi-Products
Bone semi-products are dry bulk stock including calcium, phosphorus and protein; color: from white to light grey.
Technical Fat (Rendering)
Technical fat (rendering) is viscous mass of color from light to dark brown with characteristic odor.
Foam Generating Agent
Foam generating agents are liquids of color from light brown to dark brown.
Leather glue
Leather glue is a protein-based product produced by means of collagen-containing (scrap leather, etc.) feed processing.