Leather Glue (National Standard GOST 3252-80)

Leather glue

Leather glue is a protein-based product produced by means of collagen-containing (scrap leather, etc.) feed processing.

crushed (small globules).

In accordance with physical and chemical features it subdivides into the following brands:  KMV, КМ-1, КМ-2, КМ-3.

Physical and Chemical Features:

  • appearance: hard crushed globules
  • color: from light brown to dark brown
  • particle size:
  • crushed: globules going through the net with mesh side dimension in the clear (20 mm)
  • moisture content, %, not above: 17
  • relative viscosity of adhesive solution (water- and ash-free glue concentration: 14,82%), viscosimetry degrees, not less: 2-5
  • putrescibility, days, not earlier: 6
  • adhesive bond,  N/m, not less: 1080-1570
  • fat mass fraction in terms of the equivalent amount of bone-dry solids, % not above: 2-3
  • adhesive solution foaminess (water- and ash-free glue concentration: 14,82%), cm3 , not above: 20-40
  • adhesive solution foaminess at mechanical shaking, mm, not above: 100

Areas of Use:

  • restoration works
  • goods industry
  • furniture trade
  • gold plating
  • printing on glass
  • icon painting
  • auxiliary material in construction works to slow the setting process
  • woodworking industry
  • glue-water/distemper paints


Polypropylene big bags with polyethylene liners, net weight: 25 kg.

Period of Storing:

12 months.